Dreamless is an Animanga-based roleplaying game, set in a post-apocalyptic setting. The original skin of the site did not fully reflect the tone the game has taken. I volunteered to update its design – as well as provide unique branding – for the site’s staff team.

The color palette and visuals I chose were geared towards finding a middle ground between the darker themes of the site and the lighter ones. Thus the palette was made deliberately high contrast, with the images mixed in tone.

The JCink forum platform does not allow for many changes to its fundamental format; I overcame this using a Javascript suite developed by Black of Code to dynamically rewrite the forum structure and thread layout. The mobile-friendly flipping areas were based off a CSS-only script by David Walsh and adapted by me for the site’s use. All other work on the site was done by me, developed in HTML5 and SASS.