Evenstar Lipizzans is a small business site geared towards promoting the horse breeding business of Shawna Reppert, owner of Pluto III Canada (Celeborn). Shawna wanted her site to evoke the elegance of the Lipizzaner breed as well as her own Lord of the Rings inspired logo and branding. The palette was required to include black, purple and silver as these are her heraldic colors.

I chose to switch to a responsive design, allowing Shawna to pull her site up on her various devices to showcase it to clients. The site is quite basic in structure and thus not based in any CMS, but uses HTML5/CSS3, as well as several Javascript libraries to bring in mobile friendly lightbox effects and navigation menus. My design for the site was meant to emphasize photography, and currently new photoshoots are planned to showcase the growth of various foals as well as the stallion himself.