Mr. Rob’s Cleaning is a small business located in Yamhill County, Oregon, owned by Rob Totorica. Rob originally commissioned a website in 2011, but due to his unfamiliarity with web marketing, he found it didn’t help grow his business and largely sat unused. He didn’t feel the design of his original website was giving off the impression he wanted, nor was he getting his money’s worth.

His unfamiliarity with the medium made the redesign of his site fairly involved. His company has an emphasis on green cleaning – using organic cleaners to reduce environmental impact as well as the impact of pets and homeowners. He wanted his marketing to reflect that, so I chose a light and natural palette as well as nature-related iconography. Rob himself struggles with dyslexia, so all my font choices were made with that in mind.

When complete, the site will be standalone, fully search engine optimized, and will entail a redesign of his primary marketing materials (business cards, brochures). I will be assisting him and educating him in basic web marketing. Due to its simplicity, the site will not be based in any CMS, but will be based on HTML5/SASS. The images displayed here are of the finalized site design from which the rest of his materials will be derived.