A purely conceptual piece that accompanied a larger conceptual project, Walsh sought to promote a hypothetical tour by New Age musician Imogen Heap. This site would promote Heap’s tour, sell her merchandise and discography, and showcase the music to be played onstage – as well as showcase some of the photomanipulations and shoots made for the tour, which could be bought as posters. A mockup of the site concept was thus requested.

Given the New Age genre of the singer’s music, I chose a muted, ‘misty’ palette to accompany the primary marketing image. Imogen Heap has always had very fluid branding; thus the only definite thing to work with was her aura of mystique and art, which I adapted in the imagery, color palette and open layout of the site. It was to be a ‘layer cake’ site, each section as tall as the user’s browser window. I chose to make each layer of the site unique and eye-catching.

My chosen iconography was basic, the fonts large and strong. The additional materials created included a ticket design, merchandise design (seen in the ‘store’ preview), as well as posters, photo manipulations, and budgeting. All images used in the concept were either created via photomanipulation by myself or taken from the relevant location, as in the case of the Birdcage Theatre layer. Iconography is either basic or belongs to its relevant owners in the case of 3rd party logos.

If fully developed the site would have been made in HTML5/SASS/PHP, but as it was concept only the project is currently considered complete.