Stormcrown is a roleplaying forum based on the popular Elder Scrolls game franchise; the site uses myBB 1.6.1 software. It is one of the largest forums in its genre, and its user base accesses the forum through a variety of devices; the staff wanted a skin that would be accessible to their mobile users as well as a look that would give them a unique brand style.

I chose a wintry color palette to reflect the game’s setting in the frozen north, and darkened it to accommodate several users who experience vision difficulties. I used the double borders and triangle ends to evoke the style and knotwork found in-game, and the fonts were chosen to reflect – but not copy – those found in the in-game interface and books. The staff had specifically requested that the skin evoke elements of the game’s UI and setting without being outright torn from the game, as this is common among sites in the their genre.

I developed the skin in HTML5/CSS3 and it is fully responsive. This involved modifying the site’s backend PHP so it now supports jQuery, fixing myBB’s native conflicts and enabling responsive access to mobile devices. I also restructured the backend to support more comprehensive character profiles

A dark version of this skin is in progress to accommodate users who want a darker palette.